About Nordsense

Nord Sense AB is a Swedish Group

Nord Sense AB is a Swedish Group transcending its conventional business fields of “Health Sector” to transform into a company that contributes to the development of health food, science instruements, technology and pharmacuetical industry, as well as improving health and environmental protection across society. To help enhance the quality of life toward realizing a society in which people enjoy spiritual and material wealth.


Our Vision

Nord Sense AB believes in operating transparently with integrity and to expand our business alongside Middle East. We see ourselves to be one of the leading companies in the near future. We want to integrate social and environmental responsibility in our business.
We understand that success has no limitations and so we strive hard to attain success in every possible way but definitely in an ethical manner.

Our Mission

Nord Sense AB mission is to provide quality products that enriches and empowers health care facilities. We also believe in holding long lasting relationship with the customers by providing proper after sales support and service.
Customers and supplies are our strength and so we ensure in maintaining enduring relationship with them. Safety is the foremost priority for us and so we make sure to learn about the product and its safety before we include it in our product list. .