NS5020A Semi-automatic Cryostat

Nords Science

NS5020A Semi-automatic Cryostat

Design Feature

Modular control system: Defrost automatically / manually; Hibernation automatically / manually, wake up in 15 minutes; UV sterilization; Semi-conductor refrigerant; Slice number and thickness calculation; 2 movement speeds of specimen clamp.

Appearance: one-time injected model cover; Anti-fog heating glass design; Chromatic liquid crystal touch screen.

Microtome: light and smooth handwheel with locking device on it; Specimen clamp enables to adjust triaxially with a block in the centre to go back. High precision guide rails made in Germany make transmission smooth durable and be able to cut hard sample;


Freezing chamber: Extra large chamber with wide freezing shelf may hold 20 specimen discs meanwhile. With waste tray and instrument rack .

Blade holder: Wide or narrow blades optional; A anti-fatigue cam lock ensures blades clamp tight; Blade clamp can be moved horizontally on the guide rail for safety and making full use of a blade ; Glass anti rolling plate to adjust angle and gap with pressing plate; A pushing rod pops the blade out.


Technical specifications
  • I. Electrical :

    Security type: l category, B type
    Voltage frequency: AC 220V, 50Hz (±10%) Or AC 110V,
    60Hz (±10%) Input power: 650VA

  • II. Refrigerating :

    Freezing chamber The range of temperature setting: ﹣35 ℃ to ﹣10 ℃
    Defrost: Manual / Auto Refrigerating capacity: 690 W
    Refrigerate: R404a ,300 g±5g
    Quick -freezing shelf
    Minimum temperature :﹣45 ℃
    Number of specimen holder freezing points: 20
    Number of semi-conductor freezing points: (switchable) 2


  • Specimen’s horizontal stroke :25 mm Specimen’s
  • vertical stroke :60 mm
  • Specimen’s max size : 55 mm X 55 mm
  • Specimen clamp ‘s max adjustable angle : 12 °
  • Specimen fast moving speed : 0.7 mm/s

  • W x T X H : 780 mm(650 without handwheel ) x 700 mm x 1152 mm
  • Net weight : 145 KGS
Microtome mechanical

Setting range of section thickness :0 um - 100 um

Setting value range Move step
0 um - 10 um 1 um
10 um - 20 um 2 um
20 um - 50 um 5 um
50 um - 100 um 10 um