NS1020 Automatic Microtome

Nords Science

NS1020 Automatic Microtome

  • Streamlined molded housing results in attractive appearance and is easy to clean.
  • Full-automatic sectioning with adjustable speed and three sectioning modes: continuous, step and single.
  • LED display
  • Electronic trim function makes it easy to switch from trim and section mode
  • Specimen retraction mechanism protects specimen from unintended blade damage
  • Section counting function counts total section pieces and total thickness.
  • Unit contains a precise micro motion specimen feeding system which uses a microcomputer, optical signal and stepper motor to control specimen feeding resulting in more precise specimen feeding.
  • Internationally accepted slide mechanism and groove ensures the precision of specimen movement while making the unit free from lubrication and maintenance requirements.
  • Unit contains a handwheel force balancing system for adjusting the balancing force during sectioning, making rotation even and smooth
  • Two safety locking mechanisms on the handwheel; one locks on the top; the other locks at any position
  • The disposable blade can move horizontally to avoid the dangers of unintended contact with the blade. Every blade cuts specimen into three equal parts, which ensures the entire use of blade edge
  • The waste tray collects sectioning debris are easily removed for cleaning
  • Cassette clamp and C clamp are optional
  • Specimen orientation on X/Y axes 8°
  • Alarm to warn of forward or backwards limitation.
  • Self-diagnostic prompt.
  • Emergency stop and foot switch (optional)

Technical Specifications
  • Section thickness range :1~100μm
  • Section thickness setting

    1~20μm,in 1μm increment
    20~60μm,in 5μm increments
    60~100μm,in 10μm increments

  • Trimming thickness : 1~600μm
  • Trimming thickness setting

    1~20μm,in 1μm increment
    10~20μm,in 2μm increments
    20~50μm,in 5μm increments
    50~100μm,in 10μm increments

  • 100~600μm,in 50μm increments
  • Specimen retraction: 0~95μm,in 5μm increments
  • Specimen vertical stroke:70mm
  • Specimen horizontally stroke:25mm
  • Max specimen size with cassette clamp (H×W): 40mm×28mm
  • Max specimen size with C clamp (H×W): 55mm×40mm
  • Dimensions (W×D×H): 560×470×300mm
  • Weight:35kg

Package Info
  • Dimensions: 680 ×600×480mm
  • Weight:58 kgs
Standard Setting List
1-Disposable Blade Holder 1 pc
2-Specimen Cassette 1 pc
3-Fuse (2A) 2 pcs
4-Power line 1 Line
5-Hexagonal Wrench 1 set
6-Brush 1 pc

Optional Accessories
  • Paraffin Wax Holder
  • Feather Microtome Blade